One of the most important events, indispensable to live Venice and its magical atmosphere is Carnival. Celebrated since the Middle Ages today calculated in 11 days of event, from the beginning of the official celebrations coinciding with the Saturday before the “Fat Thursday” (Giovedì Grasso) and the end with the Fat Thuesday (Martedì Grasso), it takes place with a concentrated program but full of appointments.

In a strategic location, in the center of the area richest not only of events but also of characteristic masks, the Trovatore Restaurant offers, thanks to the seasonality that characterizes all its menus, also the typical Venetian carnival sweets, produced only at this time: the Frittelle and Galani.

Frittelle or Fritoe Venexiane are ancient sweets handed down by generations of Chefs and Pastry Chefs. It is a mixture of flour and eggs cooked in abundant oil. Numerous variants such as zabajone cream, raisins and pine nuts can be inserted into the dough.

Galani are products of thin puff pastry folded on itself then cooked in abundant oil and sprinkled with sugar.

The secret lies in making them light and only who, like our Chefs Pastry from Venice know how to do it.

We wait for you throughout the Carnival to enhance your days to the maximum, also for the taste of tradition.


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