Romantic Restaurant in Venice

Would you like to live a special moment full of romanticism and serenity?  

The romantic restaurant in Venice offers you a visit to the romantic city of Venice in a characteristic Venetian gondola.

For you a space of love and pleasant surprises!

Love is all that matters.

In the daily grind, taking some time for ourselves is essential. We all need a little escape from the routine and live moments of life with our partner. Wellbeing comes from this.

Famous festivities celebrating lovers have been established but we strongly believe that they are not sufficient to give the sense of intimacy and meeting we need.

Sarà anche per questo che sono state istituite celebri festività che onorano gli innamorati ma, siamo fortemente convinti, che per la loro sporadicità non bastino a dare quel senso di intimità e di ritrovo di cui necessitiamo.

Our promise for you:

Special MENU LOVE with a gondola ride included

Private space with decorations and details specifically prepared

Tailored advice for the choice of dishes and details

Choice of products certified by the Slow Food Presidium

Handmade patisse rie

Romantic location 3 minutes walk from Piazza San Marco


We want to celebrate love and passion, because everyone who lives or is visiting Venice is wound and swept by a wind of romance. So, make happy your partner and write an important page of your love story becomes a common goal.

How? We have decided to celebrate these wonderful feelings with a particular attention taking care of every details!

This is how we have created our MENU LOVE.

It’s a special menu. Conceived and dedicated to a special moment that we would like to turn into an absolute pleasure.

And then, what is the characteristic that differentiates Menu Love?

Imagine to surprise your partner with a unique gift, an evening of poetry, music, colors and the sound of the sea that swings you on board the Venetian gondola and make you stroke the beauty of Venice in all its candor. At sunset, a time and a space just for you, to find complicity and harmony while our gondolier carries you away, among the many exciting souls of the city.

After the gondola ride, you will be dropped off at Ristorante Trovatore where our personal will welcome you. In a space just for you where you can satisfy the need for intimacy and passion in an evening completely dedicated to yourselves . Nothing is left to chance: the menu, the decorations, the atmosphere. Everything is meant to be your and only yours.

This is our gift for you.

And your gift for you.

Hours and moments of absolute pleasure life.

Contact us now, we have staff dedicated to providing you with all the details and to listen to your requests.

Fill in the next form, we are waiting for you!


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