Are you a pizza lover looking for one that is light, tasty and different from the others?

Why our pizza is different from the others?
Simply because, compared to most restaurants,  pizza dough  is kneaded by hand.

Knead  pizza means  have time, care and respect for the ingredients: mix  water, flour and salt with your hands and feel the product born and grow . It is a real act of creation and creativity.
impasto-pizza-manoWe do not use prepackaged, frozen or industrial origin products.

Pizza with naturally leavened dough  is  guarantee of quality.

We love “dirtying our hands” and resume the ancient Italian tradition of baked products: we have created an homemade laboratory where chefs create products with their hand: warm homemade bread, artisan pastries , different types of handmade pasta.

Come and visit us, and enjoy the tradition of Italian cuisine.

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