Handmade bread

The smell and the genuine taste of the warm homemade bread. As it once was.

We have decided to recall the ancient art of the bread: that of our grandparents, who loved knead and bake it to celebrate the family conviviality.
Warm bread is something primordial because it is the food par excellence: Italy has a huge tradition in this sense. From bread of Matera to that of Altamura or of Florence . You can almost say that people have had and have their own way of making bread.

We propose only handmade bread made by our chefs.

No frozen or pre-packaged product.

Only the best of ancient tradition mixed with new tastes of this era. It is a plus of our restaurant in Venice: we have created a real artisan laboratory from which comes the warm bread you find on the table, flat bread with rosemary or herbs.

We wait for you to enjoy our artisan products!



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