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Are you looking for a restaurant in the very heart of Venice, a few steps from Piazza San Marco, which offers genuine and handmade products where you can enjoy good Italian food?

When you travel around the world, in places with a strong tourist vocation, it is easy to find local restaurants that are interested in the quantity rather than in quality. We have chosen products of excellence for tourism of excellence. We are true lovers of good Italian food, we are custodians of a tradition that continues since 1875, we believe that the welcome is sacred. Therefore, we decided to give a high profile to our restaurant in the center of Venice. How?

With handmade products, designed and created by our chefs and fresh fish caught in our seas.

What are these products?
That’s our promise.

 Handmade fresh pasta

 Warm handmade bread with yeast, naturally leavened

 Sweets  and artisan pastries

 Handmade pizza  dough, naturally leavened

In our best menu you will never find frozen or industrial origin products:  we want to see you smile and satisfied with the choice and the trust given to us; we want to add even more value to your vacation in Venice and in Italy; we want to give to you and your guests an original and special postcard of the “Bel Paese”; we want to distinguish ourselves from every other restaurant in the center of Venice, offering a singular  experience.

Then, are you  ready to enjoy  handmade products at our Restaurant?

If you have not convinced, check out our menu or reviews of our customers. Or admire our photo gallery: the eye wants its part as well!

Come to visit our restaurant in the very heart of Venice, a few steps from Piazza San Marco, and you will not regret!

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