Pizza Special

Are you a pizza lover looking for a really good pizza made with handmade dough?

We are in Italy, Pizza’s homeland. And we are in Venice, one of the most important cities in the world
with a high presence of international tourists.
Make a pizza is an art and part of our work: we make our best to give to our international customers the
real authentic taste of Italian pizza!

We have decided to

Let you discover the real Italian pizza combining our idea of haute cuisine and style.

That is:

handmade dough, naturally leavened

Slow Food Presidium ingredients, to ensure their authenticity

Few, simple but essential guidelines. Small but important promise for you.

Even in the simplest of products you must guarantee the authenticity of ingredients..

Come and see us! You will not regret!.

And remember: if you book online, at your arrival you will receive a precious and characteristic package of handmade Venetian cookies. A small gesture of welcome for you!




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