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Would you like to live a special  moment with your partner, a breathless experience,  in romantic Venice?

People living  in Venice know, people coming for the first time can imagine: every corner and every moment is flooded with romance.

Live the romantic city of Venice in pairs

breathing the atmosphere of the surrounding canals and art. This is a gift that at least once in life you should treat yourself.

And if your idea is to impress or declare love to your beloved, then the MENU LOVE has that something extra to satisfy your need.


Because it is not the classic romantic menu just thought for Valentine’s Day and similar occasions. It ‘s more than a menu:

  • is the creation of a moment in a space completely dedicated according to your requests
  • we combine the pleasure of food and the pleasure of sight:  a romantic gondola ride from the main canals of the city included.

This is the way to make your evening truly romantic, with a unique sensory journey: based on your preferences, we customize your menu and reserve a romantic space in our restaurant!

As soon as you arrive at our restaurant, our gondolier will make you enjoy the romantic atmosphere of Venice, treat yourself to a moment of refreshing pleasure!

At the end of the tour, you will be driven back to our restaurant where our staff will welcome you! At this point, you just have to enjoy your love and make your day special!!


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E-MAIL: [email protected]

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