Angelica Schiliro will show you how to bone a fish, specifically the “Amberjack”. The Amberjack is a fish found in the Mediterranean, the Pacific Ocean, near India and the Atlantic Ocean. It can reach 2 meters in length and 70 – 100 kg of weight. It is a pelagic fish and is characterized by silver and blue color with a longitudinal line of gold. The tail is forked shape and has two dorsal fins and a brown slash running through the eye. Amberjack cannot be raised as fish because as a species requires considerable amount of food, thus continuously moving to look for him as well as to reproduce. These are the two main reasons why you cannot breed. The nourishment of amberjack consists of other fish and invertebrates, like all the blue fish is rich in Omega-3.

In cuisine, the Amberjack can be cooked in the oven, grilled or prepared raw.

To bone and fillet a fish we need clips (spoon and fork) and one or two dishes based on the size of the fish.

The first step is to remove the skin. Take a fork and start to tease the fish along the back peeling off the skin from the flesh of the fish. At this point, with the help of the spoon, we begin to remove all the skin with a slow, steady motion. Removed the skin, we take off all the waste and residues to continue the process and work in an optimal manner.

The next step is to begin to divide the fish into four fillets. The first thread and the second thread (those of the “Upper”) are the easiest because the thorns are not present. To reach the lower thread, we have to move the backbone of the fish. You put the spoon in and with a little pressure, it tends to raise the plug, and with the fork you cut the lower threads and moving. With the spoon we divide the two lower threads. Always with a spoon and fork, you parade the thorns one by one.

So we skinned, filleted and boned the fish, in our case an amberjack baked with spices. Angelica recommends a drizzle of raw oil and if you enjoy it a dash of lemon.

The straight posture to bone the fish is very important aesthetically, if you do it as waiter, or to get a better view while you work.


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